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It has been known that there is a connection between sunlight and health. For over 100 years, light therapy has been used to treat a variety of medical conditions. This technique is called Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation or Photoluminescence.  Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, simply called UBI, is a simple, painless and safe means of treating a person for a variety of illnesses. The procedure involves removing about 200cc of blood (about the amount of a typical glass of water) and passing the blood through a quartz cuvette where it is exposed to ultraviolet light and returned to the blood stream. 

UBI is one of the oxidative therapies: therapies that have proved themselves for decades but have not been taught in medical school since the thirties and forties. Photoluminescence increases oxygen levels in the blood and thereby improves a variety of medical conditions.

UBI transmits energy to the blood. The effect of the ultraviolet light on the blood affects the chemical energies in the blood creating a strong response in the body as white cells begin to stabilize.  The blood itself will come into balance.  If the body is anemic, photoluminescence tends to build red blood 

cells. Photoluminescence helps liver rid itself of fat and hence helps in treating elevated cholesterol and triglyceride problems. It allows for more efficient detoxification of the liver. Photoluminescence increases a cell’s permeability which enhances the body’s ability to produce antibodies and fight infection.

Photoluminescence indirectly attacks pathogenic microorganisms by causing a chemical reaction in the cell membrane increasing the cell’s ability to fight infection. The blood that is exposed to ultraviolet light continues to emit secondary radiation. Some scientists believe this may be the way ultraviolet blood irradiation has cumulative effects. Each treatment builds on and enhances the effects of previous treatments.

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