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The Synchronicity Wave System® is a color energy wave projection technology that helps restore the body’s own natural bio-field through a projection screen that emits magnified spectral light frequencies via mathematical patterns found in nature derived from sacred geometry.

“What we perceive as light is actually a form of energy that behaves like a wave and also a stream of particles called photons. Photons behave differently from conventional particles: they have no mass and are not limited to a specific volume in space or time.” Since the photons of all possible frequenciesof the electromagnetic spectrum differ, they produce different effects on humans. The electromagnetic spectrum consists of the colors we see in a rainbow ranging from reds/oranges to blues/violets. Think of light shining through a prism.

The light energy frequencies that are emitted by the system, unlike conventional medicines and treatments, are able to penetrate deep into the tissue activating the bio-dynamic potential within each cell of the body. As a result, people experience profound positive physical, mental, and emotional changes while just sitting in the projection matrix of the system.

Using color and light as an information carrier, the Synchronicity Wave System, like a tuning fork, synchronizes cellular function by communicating to the cells the mathematical values encoded in all energy and matter, thus modulating and enhancing cellular communication and function.

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