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Linda Chen, M.D.
Board Certified Internal Medicine
Diplomat of the American Board of Holistic Medicine
Board Certified Wound Care Specialist

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Fat (Adipose) Cell-Assisted Therapy Uses 100% of Patient’s Own Tissues and Cells
All can be completed in one day


        Joint conditions
        •Cognitive, including early memory loss
        •Age management
        •Respiratory conditions
2.Immune Enhancement
        Immune deficiency
        •Immune imbalance
        Facial fat transfer
        •Age-related volume loss
        •Appearance enhancement

Exclusion: Cell-Assisted Therapy is not appropriate for those with a history of cancer, or those with HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, or Hepatitis C.

For More Information: Please call the office at (941) 955-6220 to schedule a phone consult with Dr. Chen. 

To Optimize Results: We recommend that your become a patient of the clinic followed by Dr. John Monhollon or Dr. J. E. Williams for comprehensive integrative management including optimal nutritional support, bone health, and hormonal balancing. 

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