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ACTIONOMICS is a language for movement, literally meaning ACTION language (NOMICS).  ACTIONOMICS is like learning an alphabet for "How to Move".  You become the NOUN, and YOUR ACTIVITY the VERB.

ACTIONOMICS' SYNTAX is a patented method. Since YOU already understand WORD language, YOU will discover how easy it is to learn ACTIONOMICS to improve "How to Move" YOUR ACTIVITY.  If you are an ATHLETE, DANCER, EMPLOYER/EMPLOYEE, YOGA PRACTITIONER, or want a WELLNESS approach to YOUR EVERYDAY MOVING, ACTIONOMICS is for you.

​ACTIONOMICS Founder Mona Clifford Baker began her career as a professional ballet dancer performing in New York City with the Harkness Ballet Company and American Ballet Theater.  Following her dance career, Mona shifted her field of interest to movement and became certified in two systems of movement analysis and documentation.  Later she researched and developed a language for movement called ACTIONOMICS, that she obtained a patent on itsw "Action Results" method. She has been practicing for over thirty years and truly enjoys the unique privilege of offering her cutting edge solutions for those who want consistent performance, injury prevention, and an improved quality of life. 
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