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Dick Chapman, DDS.
Dr. Chapman holds a BS from Florida State, a DDS from ​the University of Tennessee and in 1993 graduated from a 2 year certification program in comprehensive dentistry from the University of Florida.  He has made a constant effort to blend Holistic and Traditional Dentistry while studying and practicing integrative dentistry for 20 years.  During this period he has spent many hours studying dental toxicology, biological dentistry and holistic dentistry.  His late brother Dr. Glenn Chapman was an alternative physician MD in West Palm Beach.  Together they worked in treating many complicated cases.  Dr. Chapman has had courses in electrosurgery, level 2 lasers, temporomandibular disease (TMJ), cosmetic dentistry, and advanced surgical techniques.  He has used IV therapy and from working alongside many MD's he is familiar with a medley of detox treatment protocols.  Besides his conventional training, he has been influenced by the International Academy of Oral and Medical Toxicology, working with Dr. Hal Huggins, Dr. Weston Price and Dr. Klinghardt in applied kinesiology.  Dr. Chapman has studied with the Ograms' program of non-traumatic exodontia and the Academy for Advancement of Medicine.  He is excited and looking forward to working with Dr. Monhollon in achieving the highest level of care for their patients.

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(941) 893-5968